League of Legends' finest mid lane champions

League of Legends' finest mid lane champions ...

League of Legends requires simple access to any other component of the map, and it can result in significant damage. Great mid laners can effectively roam to other parts of the map while keeping good pressure on their own mid lane opponent, and champions that excel at it are crucial.

It may be difficult to keep up with the flavor-of-the-month champs, but let us help.

Here are our top five mid-laters for Leagues Patch 12.9.


  • Great sustain in lane
  • High burst potential
  • Scales super well with AP and health items
  • Easy to shut down early
  • Lack of mobility
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master

Vladimir had his armor slightly buffed in Patch 12.8, but it is not the reason he claims to be one of the best mid laners in the game currently. In the recent changes in the mid lane, with a couple of champions buffed and nerfed, and his huge burst as the game continues, he is just one of the game''s smartest picks as of now.

When playing Vladimir, players must increase his burst. Due to each of his abilities doing a lot of damage and his ultimate having an AoE effect, Vlad finds himself in the correct place at a reasonable time, theres no delay in him. Its best to go for Electrocute, which will cause your damage to your abilities.

Taste of Blood is a great game changer, as it heals you when you deal damage to an enemy champion. In terms of runes, it is smart to choose runes that will allow you to snowball and give you a bit more sustain throughout the game. In terms of the latter, it may do wonders, because Taste of Blood can heal you when you deal damage to an enemy champion. Players are aided by Eyeball Collection and Treasure Hunter, making them strong choices in the Domination tree.

The Crimson Reaper has been a power-based hero so it''s wise to reduce his cooldowns, which Transcendence will assist you. Last but not least, Vladimir players will probably complain about his mobility, since he has no built-in gap closes or dashes, so pick the Nimbus Cloak to boost it a bit.

If you are using Transfusion (Q), you will enhance your vitality, farming potential, and main source of damage early. Afterward, put your points in Tides of Blood, your second damage source, since it can also wreak havoc on your opponents, especially when the mid game arrives.

On Vladimir, you won''t have much trading potential until you reach level nine, when your Transfusion is on level five, has a short runoff, and has caused countless losses. Until then, you should focus on farming and getting to that power spike. Although, if you see an opening with your jungler on your or other lanes, you should almost always follow the instructions. The sooner you start your snowball, the better.

The Crimson Reaper is a burst mage, so your main aim is to rapidly defeat squishy enemies in the latter stages of the game. This isnt the easiest task, especially since the champion doesnt have any gap closers or dashes to reach the enemies backline.

It is very common to go for Ghost or Teleport, which will increase your mobility in pivotal events. Moreover, you should always pick up Hextech Rocketbelt, since it will give you the necessary dash. Once your items have been secured, find ways to escape enemy lines, where you may complete your duties by eliminating enemy carries.


  • Possibly the best burst in the game
  • Great crowd control tool
  • Low mobility
  • Squishy
  • Takes time to stack

Veigar is the new model of the League of Legends, and it has seen many of the greatest burst damage in the league. In the era of mobile assassins, the Tiny Master of Evil was scarcely chosen. However, now, with mages returning to the meta, so has Veigar.

Unfortunately, Veigar''s greatest weakness is his low mobility. Because of his Event Horizon (E) taking a while to load, it is difficult to stun enemies. Predator is your main rune. It will assist you in avoiding enemies.

The other skills from the Domination tree are there for a similar reason to Ahri. Ingenious Hunter is the only exception. With Veigar, you will most likely produce items like Everfrost, Zhonyas Hourglass, and Banshees Veil.

Veigar is a game in which you want to go all out, and instead of increasing your survival chances early, the best option is to choose Manaflow Band and Transcendence. The former rune is crucial since you want to be keeping your ability power as much as you can throughout the game.

When it comes to ability priority, you have two options: R>Q>E>W or R>Q>W. The first option is best when playing against a mobile game because it will reduce the cooldown of your Event Horizon and will increase your chances to one-shot them. However, it is worthwhile to look at the second path, since it minimizes your damage.

Veigar''s strategy is self-explanatory. It''s a one-shot machine that should be able to deal enormous damage to tanks and bruisers for the first half of the game. You should start farming with your Baleful Strike (Q).

The late game is when it becomes tricky. Other than your Event Horizon, you dont have any engage tools. However, your abilities is incredibly easy to dodge. Therefore, assess the options on your team and follow when they engage. Often, you will find a target that will fall down due to your wombo combo. Always choose the greatest enemy carry.


  • One of the most powerful carries after level 16
  • Mobile
  • Easy to shut down early
  • Mana-hungry
  • Requires some time to master

Kassadin once again adds to his list of favorites, especially when he attains level 16. He now stands as one of the most well-known champions in the middle lane.

Your main aim on Kassadin is to stay successful without a scratch and roll as quickly as possible, so you can reach level 16. This opponent relies on bursting down his opponents with a range of abilities, so having Electrocute to deal damage makes the most sense.

While Kassadin lacks the best sustain, players should choose Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter. Both runes will increase your adaptive damage, while the latter will reduce the cooldown on your ultimate, which is essential to Kassadin''s kit. Look for opportunities to begin snowball whenever you can.

Bone Plating and Overgrowth are the best choices for filler runes.

Force Pulse (E) excels when it comes to wave clearing and will deal significant amounts of damage in the early skirmishes. Later on, its best to go for Null Sphere (Q) to increase your shutdown potential.

The first goal of Kassadin is to reach level 16 as quickly as possible. With the rune selections above, however, scoring takedowns and picking up kills will always give you the advantage. But thats also, it''s far more likely than done.

Depending on your game, you should select a jungler to score an enemy kill. However, in most instances, it will help you make the transition to level six. Look for roaming opportunities both in the bot and top lane. With Kassadins ultimate, you''ll have the opportunity to close the gap and finish off your squishy opponents.

Kassadins'' aim should be to support enemy carries quickly, take them out quickly, and get out of the danger zone before it is too late. With silence from your Q, enemies should not be able to escape you. When you reach your full build, you will be a one-man army.


  • Enormous damage
  • A lot of crowd control tools with fear mechanic
  • Long range skills
  • You wont be able to start snowballing if you dont land your skillshots
  • Mana-hungry
  • Tough to master

In season 12, Mages are the kings and queens of the mid lane. Vex is another champion who fits this description. However, it''s difficult to achieve the champion''s potential. But don''t worry if Vex is worth doing so.

Vex excels at striking multiple skillshots one after another. Consequently, players should choose Electrocute to truly wreak havoc on Summoners Rift. Considering this, it is best to go for Domination runes that will increase your snowball potential, like Eyeball Collection and Ravenous Hunter. This includes now and then some healing, so Taste of Blood is a great choice.

In the first minutes of the match, picking the Inspiration tree to refresh your mana and health, especially early in the game, is one of the best choices for the mages. In terms of Vex, it is no different. Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic can do wonders for the Gloomist.

With Mistral Bolt (Q), youre able to poke opponents with greater effect and collect waves quicker and more effectively. In the present meta, you should typically focus on teamfighting, which will typically begin around the 20-minute mark. You should maximize W as your second option.

Vexs'' game plan is similar to Viktors, Ahris, and any other mage. Players will want their snowball machines rolling early, but bear in mind that it will never be possible. Then, you may decide if you can travel to other areas to get some kills, or if youre is stuck in lane freezing waves.

After the beginning of the mid game, you should have enough damage to impact the game''s quality. This depends on whether you get your ultimate or not. Because of this ability, you may singlehandedly carry teamfights. However, it takes some time to master, so don''t skip into your first Vex game expecting to master the champion from the start.


  • High burst
  • Mobile
  • Possible to create many outplays
  • Takes time to master
  • Tough to play from behind

Zed is a league-style assassin, but The Master of Shadows has a wealth of skills that, if properly, may delete an enemy in a blink of an eye. He is also not the easiest opponent to pull off.

Zed isn''t equipped with the most advanced early game, and is heavily dependent on whether or not he will be able to start his snowball early or not. However, you should strive to get going as quickly as possible. For this reason, the main rune tree for Zed should be Domination, which will increase his burst potential.

Electrocute remains one of the best weapons for assassins, and in the case of Zed, its no different. It will increase the damage you unleash on single targets, while the latter offers you an additional cooldown on your ultimate, which is your most vital ability. For similar reasons, Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter are excellent choices. Both versions are fantastic, allowing you to increase your damage by launching multiple targets, giving you additional relief for your damage. Taste of Blood is also great to go for.

Because of its low sustain and your goal of eliminating the enemy carries, Nimbus Cloak is virtually a mandatory pick for Zed. It allows you additional movement speed once you use a Summoner Spell, which will often come in handy. As the game progresses, Gathering Storm improves your damage.

Razor Shuriken (Q) is the master of Shadows best skill for wave clearing, an essential component of your early game. It''s also great for poking and making yourself present in skirmishes. On Zed, you want to increase your damage first time, so choosing Shadow Slash (E) instead of Living Shadow (W) is the right strategy.

You must be able to do much before you reach level six in the first minutes of the match. So, in the first minutes of the match, your primary and only focus should be on getting that crucial ultimate. Upon completion, you may select one-versus-one picks, or ask your jungler to assist you in the middle lane. Players may also explore opportunities there to score a kill or an assist.

When hes ahead, Zed excels by his ability to go behind enemy lines, assassinate one of the enemy carries, and then fall back. Afterward, you will still be able to deal your fair share of damage to opposing tanks and bruisers, or you may just continue to chase and focus on other squishy champs. This can also be determined if you can.

While splitting pushing, Zed may perform wonders on the sides lanes. This should be one of your most recent alternatives, given the lack of teleport, which will make you unable to join your teammates when a team fight starts.

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