Glory Hero, a NFT game, has been accused of unlicensed use of Paladins mobile title assets since the end of 2018

Glory Hero, a NFT game, has been accused of unlicensed use of Paladins mobile title assets since the ...

Even as the NFT markets and cryptocurrency markets collapse, new video game titles are being announced that aim to integrate metaverse capabilities into traditional live service experiences. One of these games, Glory Hero: NFT Wars, is a five-vs-five hero shooter for mobile, which is expected to launch next week.

Unfortunately, for Glory Heros release plans, almost every character and asset identified so far is directly taken from a mobile spin-off of Paladins: Champions of the Realm. It took long for Hi-Rez Studios to find the trailer, released on May 12, which its CEO claimed, implying Hi-Rez would be cracking down on the unlicensed use of its IP.

This is the unlicensed use of Hi-Rez IP, and we will be following @flow_blockchain, @Apple and @GooglePlay on our next adventure.

It''s difficult to imagine that Glory Hero has a lot to contend with, considering that little effort has been made to alter the original Paladins Strike champion roster beyond altering the characters names. MalDamba for example, a Paladins champion who serves a serpent goddess, has been renamed to Slyther, and in one particular instance, a champion originally named Terminus was renamed to Finalus for Glory Heros release.

Although Paladins Strike was shut down in February 2019 after an unsuccessful first year on the market, its champion roster was made up of characters from the original Paladins game that is still going strong today. Although what Glory Heros developers may have believed to be a long-forgotten mobile title, it still maintains an active fanbase through the PC and console title it was a spin-off, and those fans have flooded the NFT games social media posts with memes and callout replies. Hi-Rez Studios

The Glory Hero account said the game art of many game companies is derived from Chisam''s skin designs, but the Hi-Rez CEO responded with a screenshot of one of the Glory Hero tweets on May 11 where one character still has the Paladins Strike logo on his beanie.

Terminus, the Paladins champion, has his original voicelines referencing a faction from the games universe, with the Paladins menu theme playing in the background. A shared gameplay preview for Glory Hero shows the character and functionality of the original Paladins Strike, with only a new logo attached.

Exciting information about to be delivered.LFGLet''s enjoy this hero together#GameFi

Following Hi-Rez''s threats of copyright losses, the Glory Hero logo that had graced both the Twitter profile icon and banner was now replaced with a photo of a crude alternative logo on a paper. After ten hours of discussions, Chisam decided to express his concern by responding to the tweet with a scientific report.

The Paladins community is most likely living on borrowed time before Hi-Rezs IP protection efforts are led to the takedown of the majority of its content. However, many critics have described the practice as a demise, particularly for a smaller fanbase of a live service title. Yall rock.