The Iron Banner upgrade, the new Crucible map, and the return of Rift will be included in Destiny 2 in the next season

The Iron Banner upgrade, the new Crucible map, and the return of Rift will be included in Destiny 2  ...

Destiny 2s will be redesigned the Iron Banner mode on May 24, the first new Crucible PvP map in over three years, and the return of the Rift game mode.

Rift is a visual-based game that was first introduced in Destiny 1, and it basically means that games spin on a Capture the Flag game type. For the first time since the original game, the first day of season 17 will mark the return of the mode.

This week at Bungie, we anticipate it''s time to talk about Iron Banner, check out the new PvP Map, and introduce the Cosplay Cosmodrome.

The new map, Disjunction, which was designed specifically for Rift, will also be available in all six-vs-six, three-vs-three, and Free-for-All game modes in the Crucible, as well as the revamped Iron Banner.

Disjunction is a symmetric map with a base on one end, three lanes with plenty of crossovers and large backfields, according to Bungie. It takes place in the swampy Pyramid area of Savathuns Throne World, so expect lots of many-butted horses, transparent brown glass, and art deco designs.

According to Bungie, iron Banners'' re-work is focused on making it more accessible for all players, whether it be playing every day, playing with their friends, wearing their flaming Iron Banner armor, and using Iron Banner weapons.

Iron Banner''s power level will be deactivated, meaning that no matter your Power score, you can play in the PvP mode without being outgunned simply because you haven''t struggled as hard. The reputation system has also improved, bringing it closer to the functioning of Crucible and Strikes.

Season 17 will also include a new Iron Banner-related title, Iron Lord. This title will be earned via Iron Banner matches, so there will be just a couple of weekends throughout each season to earn it.

Don''t expect this one to be simple or an easy grab, according to Bungie. This is a joke; this is because it requires dedication, perseverance, and spiffy gear. Iron Lord hopefuls can expect to spend around 15 to 20 hours to unlock this flair in one week if they are focused, but we expect most players to need a second week.

This Week at Bungie can be seen in a deeper look at the upcoming changes.