During OTK's South Korea trip, Mizkif details run-ins with stream snipers

During OTK's South Korea trip, Mizkif details run-ins with stream snipers ...

Mizkif criticised the multiple stream snipers who denied their interest in the broadcast while reflecting on OTK''s recent trip to South Korea.

OTK, an Esports business, and streaming group, took a trip to South Korea to see the cities of Seoul and Busan while demonstrating to their huge Twitch following. Hundreds of memorable clips were brought by IRL donations, Esfand chipped a bone, and the group organized a convenience store. Despite their travels, streamers were constantly despise.

It occurs when a streamer locates their location in an IRL streamers stream and make an appearance on their stream, or in a video game to gain a tactical advantage over the streamer.

Mizkif said that the number of stream snipers made him skip to stream, that I got away from America to stream IRL, and that the fact that there were so many stream snipers was causing havoc.

Mizkif and Emiru recounted a story in which several stream snipers followed the group to an animal cafe.

I paused to hear someone in the background probably say Ill pay for mine, but theyre all sitting there I didnt even invite you and youre to pay for your ass?

Mizkif continued to express his frustrations with the multiple stream snipers who followed the group from location to location, putting a damper on the stream.

During any IRL stream, stream snipers for Mizkif seemed to be a near-constant problem, but his South Korea adventure seemed to only underscore this.