Smite patch 9.5 is for every skin

Smite patch 9.5 is for every skin ...

The rest of Slipknot arent the only skins that come with patch 9.5.

The upcoming patch will target 19 skins, including skins for all nine members of Slipknot. Smite will also introduce 10 additional skins that will come from a variety of sources.

Did you miss Yesterday''s Update Show? No worries! The Slipknot | 9.5 Update Notes have all of the information you need. Make sure to give them a read

Six of the new skins will be available on Smite as part of the ongoing Heavenly Light event. Skins will include chests, Prime Gaming, and the Blast from the Past battle pass. The Majority of the skins will go live until May 31 with the bonus update.

The Happy Little Painter Zhong Kui Prime Gaming skin, inspired by Bob Ross, will not be released until June 2. Once it completes, you''ll need to do so in order to claim that you have connected your Smite and Prime Gaming accounts. By doing so, you will get Happy Little Painter Zhong Kui for free (not counting the cost of Prime).

Smite Patch 9.5 will be available for immediate download in the battleground of the gods, but the rest of these will be checked before the patch 9.5, the Slipknot update, will be released on May 17.

Poseidon Slipknot

Chaac Slipknot

Raijin Slipknot

The Trickster Loki

Aquatic Nightmare Ra

Necro Alchemist Vulcan

Mystic Flare Pele

Dark Apprentice Apollo

Horsin Around Chiron

Glaive Tech Cernunnos

Afrofuture Olorun

Flourescent Friend Ganesha

Happy Little Painter Zhong Kui