In the Guardian Games for Destiny 2, how can you complete the Shoot to Score quest?

In the Guardian Games for Destiny 2, how can you complete the Shoot to Score quest? ...

The Guardian Games event for Destiny 2 has returned for 2022 and there''s a new challenge to it.

When Guardian Games is live between May 3 and 24, 2022, the Shoot to Score quest may be purchased by Eva Levante, but it will be gone. This means there are days you must wait until progress is over.

Get acquainted with the Tower''s Guardian Games playlist nodes. Medallions, Medals, Laurels, and everything you need to get involved in the seasonal event, but only one is available during the weekends.

In Destiny 2, here''s how to complete the Shoot to Score quest.

Step one

After your return to the Guardian Games, drop in a training playlist and level your score to as high as you can. At the Tower, you will receive special buffs and rewards.

The scoring parameters are the following:

  • Bronze: 50,000
  • Silver: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
  • Platinum: 175,000

Steps two through six

If youre able to achieve a Platinum rating in the Guardian Games: Competitive playlist, the next four steps can be knocked out in one go. Competitive is only live during the weekends, so it must be completed after the reset on Friday and before the weekly reset on Tuesday.

The next steps are unknown, but they should be available on the weekend reset at 12pm CT on May 13. The steps are expected to repeat, albeit this time with a different Nightfall Strike in the Competitive playlist once it returns.

The following image shows step six in the quest, which requires players to wait until the next week to resume.

Step seven

In week two, the steps repeat once more from step one. Earn a high score in the Guardian Games: Training playlist to earn buffs. It''s time to wait once more until the Competitive playlist is released on Friday.

Proving Grounds is the sequel to Week two''s Nightfall Strike in the Training playlist.

Steps eight through 12

The Guardian Games: Competitive playlist will include gold, silver, gold, and platinum thresholds.

It''s time to go to the Competitive playlist once more to get some high scores, and then wait until next week for the quest to continue.