With additions to limited-time, Discord celebrates its seventh anniversary

With additions to limited-time, Discord celebrates its seventh anniversary ...

Discord is now seven years old, and the communication and organization platform is celebrating with some limited-time features and services this weekend.

Discord will have a festive Party Mode allowing users to experience the party on their screens, including confetti and screen shakes. The Discord birthday bash will run from today until Monday.

Discord has sent a post (@discord) on the subject.

During the weekend, the platform added a slew of limited-edition items to its online store and is running giveaways that will include merchandise and Discord Nitro for free.

Alongside activating on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the platform has recruited endorsers including Hannahxxrose, Kate Bacon, Yvonne Na, and J David Alvarez to participate in the weekends event. Details of their involvement were not released, but they will likely include social posts by them or sponsored streams.

Discord has evolved into a popular voice communication and group organization tool for many gamers over the years, and last year, it was reportedly in negotiations to acquire Microsoft. These discussions have ended in April 2021, however.

Last year, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary by revealing that it was working on a number of new features that might result in a digital experience. The goal was to make it an even greater social experience by adding discovery capabilities as well as public audio events that could be paid.