Despite unfair treatment in the wake of ping-related concerns, RNG promises to play continue at MSI 2022

Despite unfair treatment in the wake of ping-related concerns, RNG promises to play continue at MSI  ...

After resetting their group stage record for 2022 in mid-Season, a result of disappointing latency in their first three tournament victories, League of Legends team Royal Never Give Up made a brief announcement on its official Twitter account.

In a team tweet, attached to a video of a meeting between players and staff members, RNG described the situation as a result of unfair treatment. RNG said that the team will play [their] matches to the best of [their] ability even through unexpected events or unfair treatment.

Even in unexpected events or unfair treatment, we will play our matches at our best, because that''s what we at RNG are all about. #RNGWIN #RNGWIN

Many members of the larger League of Legends community, including LEC broadcaster Aaron Medic Chamberlain, questioned RNG''s forming choice and how exactly the team was being unfairly treated. Further, the discussion about the RNG record reset extended beyond the teams official Twitter. Following the news that they would have to replay their first three games, a member of the team, including the bottom lane duo of GALA and Ming, inexplicably posted the same emoji of a balance scale.

Can I ask what is perceived as ''unfair'' about the way things have performed? Not trying to start an argument, not looking for someone closer to the LPL scene.

Due to COVID-related travel restrictions, Royal Never Give Up were permitted to compete remotely from their facility in China. RNG are the first teams to participate in an international League tournament since the beginning of the epidemic.

Riot has implemented a latency-regulating tool in an attempt to keep the ping of tournament games at around 35 milliseconds for all players. It was then decided that RNG replay their first three games for the sake of competitive integrity.

RNG participated in the second round of the group stage earlier today, and won all three of their regular-scheduled games. RNGs make-up games will be played tomorrow.