After disappointing performances in VCT, T1 has re-emerged head coach David Denis

After disappointing performances in VCT, T1 has re-emerged head coach David Denis ...

T1 accepted an offer from VALORANT head coach David Denis today after a disappointing performance on the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage Two Challengers. In its farewell, the team thankked Denis for his commitment to the organization''s mental health.

Denis was sacked by T1 after typing help sewers into a chat during the match. VCT staff issued a competitive complaint denying their match because of unauthorized communication to his team members during the match.

Denis has played in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and VALORANT. During his time with the TSM''s VALORANT team, he helped them to win the first Strike North America tournament and then moved to T1 in 2021.

Today, we wish to thank @DavidDenisnd as the head coach of #T1VALORANT. Thank you for your support in this journey with us, and for acknowledging the importance of mental health in sports.

Denis'' background reflects a long-standing pharmacological practice in psychotherapy. He started out in a clinical setting for 10 years before becoming involved in esports by working with clients who had mental health difficulties and were also top performers.

T1 haven''t found significant success in the VCT circuit yet. Last year, the Challengers team was usually in the top eight, but never reached the Masters. In 2022 they suffered even greater damage as teams around them became stronger, and even some useless teams were making significant improvements. T1 seemed to be stalled in their own progress.

T1 wasn''t even close to qualifying for a Masters, but failed to qualify for the main event in Stage Two, and they ended their run for Stage Two.

T1 will now seek a new head coach after Denis'' departure, but the org is still one player short and is currently using stand-in Daniel eeiu Vucenovic. For the time being, Joshua steel Nissan will likely take on a larger role as IGL with the absence of a coach while the org is looking for a new one.