During the expansion livestream, all Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker spoilers were revealed

During the expansion livestream, all Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker spoilers were revealed ...

During the Worldwalker Livestream, the Riot Games released a total of 22 Legends of Runeterra cards from all of the world.

Patch 3.8 is the latest LoR expansion, Worldwalker, which includes four new champions without a specific region, despite the worldwide standard for the digital card game. There are 65 new cards in the Worldwalker expansion, including new characters that haven''t been established in the League of Legends lore.

Riot also released a new cinematic trailer for Jhin and The Maker as part of the 22 Worldwalker spoilers.

According to game designer Steve Rubin, the LoR team intends to continue to assist existing archetypes in the digital card game starting with the release of the Worldwalker expansion. One of these types of supporting cards was The Winding Light.

The Winding Light, which supports the Targon region and the Nightfall archetype, has a 6-week seven-drop with Overwhelm. Upon entering the battlefield via Nightfall (not the first card played that turn), the Targon creature gives allies +2/+1 and Overwhelm for that round.

Aphelios'' Moon Weapon shaped follower cycle will be completed with a winding light! Infernum is no longer left behind! pic.twitter.com/t9OTUxGJIW

Dragons are another archetype capable of receiving assistance in the Worldwalker expansion through Protective Broodfather. Fury and Scout, the mother of Stalking Broodfather, are capable of scaling in power and attacking multiple times.

Protective Broodfather also has Fury and when attacked, it draws a unit from your deck. If that unit is a dragon, it summons it directly to the battlefield with it attacking alongside Protective Broodfather at no additional cost.

The Shurima area will get a boost through Chamber of Renewal, a new LoR Landmark, which destroys itself when you summon a champion.

The game is backed by a +2/+1 in stats and the keyword Spellshield, which is an exceptionally powerful Landmark in conjunction with Taliyah, who summons an exact copy of a Landmark upon being played, thus substantially increasing her bonus stats.

To alleviate the archetype''s support, the Lurk archetype now has access to Rally via Blood in the Water.

The Bilgewater LoR combination, which consists of five drops, involves anything and has a Rally. In an archetype like Lurk, where creatures scale in power every time they attack, Blood in the Water is a solid spell to finish an opponent off.

Riot Games has released all images.