Sliggy leaves the Team Liquids VALORANT roster

Sliggy leaves the Team Liquids VALORANT roster ...

Following Masters Reykjavik 2022, Connor Sliggy Blomfield announced that she has stepped down from the Team Liquids VALORANT roster, citing a difference in vision and direction.

Sliggy has been with Team Liquid since April 2020, when they were named fish123. Liquid experienced impressive success throughout the 2021 VALORANT Champions tour, including a top-four finish at Masters Reykjavik and the VALORANTs first international LAN. However, they did not qualify for Masters Berlin.

Because of a difference in vision and direction within the team, I resigned from the team thanks to all of your assistance, @TeamLiquid, and to all the fans, how you have treated me like you did. I had some of the best memories with the guys and learned so much about it.

Their Reykjavik performance enabled them to gain circuit points to qualify for the EMEAs Last Chance Qualifier. Liquid tallied themselves a spot at the Champions League, earning themselves a spot in the semifinals. Liquid was also defeated by Acend, who was eventually defeated by the eventual winners.

Liquid was hailed as one of Europe''s finest in stage 1. Liquid were on the verge of qualifying for Reykjavik, but a fiery G2 team denied them of their hopes. Due to FunPlus''s ill-prepared to participate, Liquid was offered their replacement.

Liquid were unable to replicate their previous Reykjavik triumph. With close losses to the LOUD and ZETA Division, Liquid bowed out with a top-eight finish.

The Sliggys will, for the first time since their initial appointment, have to search for a new head coach to fill the position. Liquid returns to action on May 14, when they face BIG in their opening match of Stage 2.