The next Halo Infinite update removes weapon jamming, skill jumps, and more

The next Halo Infinite update removes weapon jamming, skill jumps, and more ...

After a difficult Season 2 launch, Halo developer 343 Industries announced today that a new update will address many of the most pressing issues. However, a specific time frame for the updates has yet to be given, but community manager John Unyshek Junyszek detailed all the changes they may anticipate to make.

The upcoming update will revert the damage temporarily to the players'' hands before the HCS Pro Series restarts at the end of the month, despite a persistent issue since Lone Wolves'' release.

With the exception of many popular skill jumps on Live Fire, Bazaar, Aquarius, and Streets, many of these changes have been reintroduced, including Aquarius given a few tweaks to be more predictable and consistent.

Unyshek did, however, indicate that the conversation about jumps like this will continue, and that the costs vs. benefits of the more prolific ones would be lowered.

In a new blog, we aim to evaluate the trade-offs of various strategies, the movement of players through levels, and the cost or friction of traversal in different combat scenarios. In tandem, we strive to create environments that provide a fine-tuned risk and reward experience, and clearly communicate the movement possibilities in the combat space.

The two major areas of the update blog focused on the weapon jamming and skill jumps, but additional improvements and updates are also coming with the first season two patch for Halo Infinites. These include stability improvements on PC, being able to disable speed lines once more, model upgrades for the Rakshasa armor core, and the reintroduction of the famous tank gun to the campaign.

Before the update may be released out into the wild, Unyshek said the team must take a few extra steps, but there will be additional information on the exact date for this patch in the next few days.