100 Thieves return to the field against The Guard in VCT Challengers 2

100 Thieves return to the field against The Guard in VCT Challengers 2 ...

With a 2-0 revenge victory over The Guard, 100 Thieves are off to a good start for VCT Challengers 2.

The last time the 100 Thieves faced The Guard during Challengers One, where the Thieves roster seemed significantly different. The Guards'' 13-0 shellacking of the 100T was the final nail in the coffin for the 100T initial VALORANT roster; Hunter BabyJ Schline and Adam ec1s Eccles were removed from the roster less than 48 hours later.

The Guard was put on the bench after a few months after the defeat, and the 100Ts'' new roster has won the group stage of Challengers Two.

On their map selection of Fracture, 100T started off the series hot with a 13-5 victory. Peter Asuna Mazuryk and Sean bang Bezerra were the star players in the opening match, with Asuna receiving 20 fatalities and 11 fatalities, with bang walking away with a 40 headshot percentage. For The Guard Michael neT Bernet struggled, only getting three kills and having an average combat score of 62.

The Guard chose Bind as the second map of the series, but was unable to gain momentum on the second map after a 5-13 defeat on Facture. The Thieves quickly expanded their lead and winning gunfights left and right. 100 Thieves would not allow The Guard to get another round in the second half to finish the map 13-6 and win the series 2-0.