Is it possible for RNG to have their first three matches replayed at MSI 2022?

Is it possible for RNG to have their first three matches replayed at MSI 2022? ...

Due to ping annoyances with players competing in Korea, the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational has already had a rocky start.

Riot Games developed a new network latency tool that allowed RNG to compete remotely from China due to COVID restrictions. This tool, however, allowed all players in the tournament to play on an even game state. One day into the tournament, players in Korea reported the ping to be higher than 35, and it was negative for their gameplay in on-stage matches and practice servers.

After discovering unintended interruption between competing teams during RNGs games, Riot determined RNG would replay their first three matches of the tournament. RNG''s record slid back to 0-0, and the results of their first three matches were revealed.

RNG expressed concern about the social media decision, saying the decision was too many as three days had passed before Riot made the decision to redo matches. They also stated that the team would not compete in the tournament, but that it would continue forward. Throughout the years, many people are debating whether the games should have been erased in the first place.

The main reason why these games had to be replayed is to maintain competitive integrity. Although RNG was playing at 35 ping, their opponents were playing at higher latency than they anticipated. While RNG were dominant in a majority of their matches, this decrease in latency provided the LPL representatives an unfair advantage.

RNG may continue playing games in their busy schedule, but this is the only way to ensure the playing field was appropriate for each team regardless of who wins or losses. Theres nothing to blame but the current system, how it was implemented, and how long it took for officials to realize how dismal it was for the other regions representatives.