Discords Got Talent will return on May 15 according to Quackity

Discords Got Talent will return on May 15 according to Quackity ...

Quackity, a popular variety streamer, has been teasing the return of one of his most popular series, Discords Got Talent, for months. The streamer has now officially confirmed that the grand return of the massive video series will begin on May 15.

Quackity unveils the announcement on his official Twitter account, which includes a brief teaser of himself alongside the two guest judges for the comeback version.

ITS COMING BACK.05/15/2022 pic.twitter.com/7zzWv2zjmJ

KSI and Vikkstar, who are members of Sidemen, have been teased in the teaser. These include renowned actors from the YouTube channel Dream, Pokimane, and MrBeast.

Quackity and three other special guest judges review fan talents in Discords Got Talent. The judges have buzzes and may choose to approve or not approve participants in a format that is similar to popular television competitions, according to the series'' name.

There have been a number of feats in previous careers, such as singing, impressions, and acting. This installment of the series will consist of two versions where Quackity is actually in a room with the judges live rather than the entire event over Discord or Minecraft, as previously reported.

Quackity''s most watched video of all time is an episode of Discords Got Talent, featuring MrBeast and KSI, and boasts almost 30 million views as of May 2022.

There was no official start date for the event, but the next installment of the series will air on the YouTube channel Quackity sometime on May 15th.