Pokimane discusses her streaming career with Anthony Padilla on a mistake

Pokimane discusses her streaming career with Anthony Padilla on a mistake ...

Pokimane, a popular streamer, has joined Anthony Padilla for the most recent installment of his popular I spent a day with series. Throughout the show, the pair talked about Pokimanes'' overall streaming career, her smear campaigns, and other hate she receives, as well as her concerns about several other topics, including making mistakes.

Padilla asked Pokimane if she believed that people are willing to minimize their mistakes. Because streamers and other huge online presences cultivate huge relationships, they are often held to extremely high standards, and dealing with a multitude of consequences when they make mistakes.

I believe that some people do, but I hope that the majority of people dont, the streaming sensation said in regards to relating people to their mistakes. If anything, I consider it an even better story to be like, this person made a mistake and still was capable of learning and grow from it and accomplish all of these things.''

If I make a mistake, like, thats okay, I may still do so much, Pokimane said. A mistake shouldnt denote you as a person.

Alongside the topic of mistakes, the pair talked about Pokimane''s haines and scrutiny.

The rage you encounter online isn''t limited to limited moments, according to Padilla. Youve had a wide range of smear campaigns around you.

So, obviously, people will look to profit, even for them. Honestly, theyre doing what they want, in a sense, even if it''s at my mental health expense.

Pokimane has been involved in many controversies, as is the case with all other streamers and creators who have been subjected to worldwide celebrity living.

Many of the things Pokimane has been accused of being out of context have been created. Pokimane said she was under pressure when it comes to worrying about people taking things out of context.

I thought about it initially, should I be super careful about everything I do? Pokimane said. But then youre essentially placing yourself in a very small box, and that is not fun. Literally anything is taken out of context.

Padilla asked how Pokimane feels about gender being constantly enhanced in regard to her achievements. Pokimane is the first female streamer to reach many milestones, and oftentimes her achievements are marked as firsts for her gender.

The streaming sensation said that when I achieve anything and people relate it to my gender, I consider it a triumph for my gender.

The thing that made me the happiest about this milestone when I hit a million followers on Twitch was not just that I hit a million followers on Twitch, according to Pokimane. It was that a lady hit a million followers.