Riot demonstrates the production of Edward Gamings championship skins

Riot demonstrates the production of Edward Gamings championship skins ...

Riot Games shared a nine-minute video on its official YouTube channel demonstrating the behind-the-scenes development of the EDG 2022 Worlds Championship team skins. The video reveals the skins'' origins, from their initial formulation bis to the final results that players can acquire in the League of Legends client.

The pros had the chance to select champions used during the tournament to receive a skin, marking the Chinese teams celebration. Aphelios, Graves, Viego, Yuumi, and Zoe were selected as part of the EDGs'' victory at last years League Worlds.

The video consists of team players sharing their ideas for skin concepts. Each of the players discusses elements they wish to incorporate into the skin set, such as knights, armor, dragon, and villains. The two Artist Directors, Brian Vinton and Ryan Ribot, then discuss the origins of the initial concepts, revealing the first concept art of the skins. Below, you can check out the following sections.

Lipan Liu, the concept lead, and Duy Ngueyn, the 3D character art lead, describe the selection of textures that were added to the skins to complement the EDG players'' ideas, with a lot of emphasis on the way they placed dragon scales and Chinese-style armor on the champions'' skins. Tao also explains the meaning of some of the animations on the champions, adding to the depth of the representation.

EDG players explain what led them to choose each champion, such as their performances during the World Championship. They also explain the sense they would like to convey with the champion recall animations, while the Riot team notes how to modify some things in order to find the perfect balance.

Many other details about the production of sound effects and sensations that the producers intend to distribute to players who utilize the skins are present in the video. I hope that these skins and their chromas will both delight players as much as it was for us making them, and that they will honor the EDG players and their amazing historical victory, according to Lawrance Tay.

Players can get the EDG autographed edition, which includes six icons, five skins, five chromas, and the five champions, for 12900 RP. Players can also get only their favorite champions skins separately for 2530 RP each. Players can also purchase the champions skins without the signature icons and chromas, for1350 RP.