At Camp Nou, Ibai has announced a soccer match against Barcelona

At Camp Nou, Ibai has announced a soccer match against Barcelona ...

Ibai, a Spanish streamer and esportscaster, announced on his twitter account and social media that he will participate in a special soccer match event with a team formed by him, named Ibai and Friends, against Barca Cupra''s Spanish team.

The match will take place next June 1 at Camp Nou, with free tickets for those who want to participate, although Ibai hasn''t yet confirmed how many people can get those tickets. Each team will also have different kinds of tests, including free kicks, passing precision, and other tasks.

Un match between Barca Cupra and Amigos de Ibai will take place on Wednesday, November 1st. The following day, the winner of the tournament will be nominated.

Ibai has announced in another tweet that he is still looking for players to join his team, so there is no confirmation about who else Ibais supporters may expect to participate in the event. Im looking for 22 people who want to join my team, but I hope to make sure that any member of my team joins my team. I will, therefore, send me the following message to the following followers.

It is also unclear who will lead the Barcelona and Cupra team, although it appears probable that at least a few players from the FC Barcelona squad will participate.

Ibai has been awarded the Best Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards for the second year in a row, and has over 10 million followers on his official Twitch channel, where you can follow his schedule of streams and the rest of his work, including reactions, interviews, and other events. Gerard Pique, an Ibais partner and co-founder of KOI, is also preparing the audience for this event.