On day two of Dotas Stockholm Major, spirited comebacks and NA struggles

On day two of Dotas Stockholm Major, spirited comebacks and NA struggles ...

The second verse was almost identical to the first, because many of the teams that struggled on opening day returned during day two of the Dota Pro Circuit Major.

Yatoro takes the title Triple Rampage. TI10 vibes #SpiritDota #Dota2 #ESLOne pic.twitter.com/5uiVFFDP0l

The most significant thing to happen during day two didn''t have to do with any of the matches. Rather, ESL and Valve were making the difficult decision to leave Mind Games from the event due to ongoing travel issues that keep the team from attending and competing.

Because of this decision, Mind Games was easily dropped to an 0-6 record for the Group Stage, giving the remaining six teams in Group B a bye into the playoffs. Even with the danger of elimination no longer hanging over the group, the fight for upper bracket seeding continues.

Team Spirit was the big winner of day two in Group B, leading the whole series against the competition with a victory against Thunder Awaken. The result increased the former top seed all the way to a tie for fifth in the standings. However, the Gaimin Gladiators dropped their only series of the day.

OG lost two 0-2 defeats against T1 and Tundra Esports on day two, putting the two teams to the top of Group A. Both of these victories were particularly close, with OG only keeping the first game in the series competitive at the end.

At the bottom of pic.twitter.com/gCMmDXR2KG, Ceb is just trying to join his bestie Jerax.

North America is the largest loser of them all so far, as Evil Geniuses currently holds Group As worst record at 0-1-2, while TSM is at a dead even 4-4 through five series. EG will need to win at least two of its three upcoming games against OG, beastcoast, and BetBoom Team so that it may hold the stage in playoff contention.

TSM has a lot of an easier road, since they cannot be eliminated like EG. Plus, they have been playing with a stand-in until this point. After testing negative for COVID, the normal starter will return to the lineup for day three, bringing the team back to full power for the Group Stages final stretch.

Thanks for following us on our North American brethren Saber has tested negative for COVID and TSM FTX Dota 2 will be at full force starting tomorrow.

Day three will have a significant matchup between EG and BB Team, which might come into play for tiebreakers at the end of the Group Stage. A lot of high profile matches will be held between BOOM Esports and T1 in order to settle an ongoing SEA clash, along with a significant series between Spirit and Liquid shortly before the day.