Evil Geniuses defeat ORDER, advance to the MSI rumble stage in 2022

Evil Geniuses defeat ORDER, advance to the MSI rumble stage in 2022 ...

For the third time in a row, League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational had EG secure their ticket to the events rumble stage. Even if EG would lose all of their previous games and ORDER would win out, EG would still have a head-to-head advantage.

ORDER are too far behind G2 Esports and EG to build a possible tiebreak scenario. Three of the last four international League events have been eliminated in the first round dating back to Worlds 2020.

EG triumphed with a 39-minute loss against G2 Esports, but quickly recovered by defeating ORDER in a convincing manner. Their victory was finished in 23 minutes.

The second game of the day is a spectacular #EGWIN#LCS #MSI2022 pic.twitter.com/ULLOcDqCL1.

EG gained a three-for-zero team fight three minutes into the game, while maintaining a 13-to-three advantage in kills. At the same time, EG would outscore 24 to five in the kill department and holding a 20,000 gold lead at the time of their victory.

After winning all three of their matches with the Oceanic representatives, EG have lost all three of their matches against G2 Esports. Although EG, G2, and ORDER are in a spooky group with only three teams, Group C has now expanded its lineup.

Group C will feature four more games today, although the groups'' representation in the rumble stage is set in stone. Royal Never Give Up will play their make-up games from their first round robin following today''s action in Group C.