During the DPC Major, North American Dota 2 was literally taken into the trash

During the DPC Major, North American Dota 2 was literally taken into the trash ...

North America as a region is usually at the butt of its fair share of memes when it comes to Dota 2, especially when it comes to international competitions. Even when NA is playing well it appears like they cant get a break, and a poor showing at the Dota Pro Circuit Stockholm Major has certainly not helped.

Evil Geniuses is a memeable medium that transcends the boundaries of certain competitive scenes, and that, paired with TSMs mixed first two days, resulted in one commentator literally throwing the entire region into the trash.

HERE IS THE STORM SPIRIT pic.twitter.com/jMbdoSF3Z5

During a post-game chat with iNSaNiA and host SirActionSlacks, the captain of Team Liquids joked that Mind Games would be removed from the event due to unplanned travel difficulties and that all of the teams in Group B will get a bye because of it. However, the true burn occurs in the background.

As the interview continues, a tsunami, another analyst for the Major, can be seen trying to catch the camera crews attention. In his hand? A phone. On its screen? North America.

https://t.co/gAvM3GwBNG pic.twitter.com/9ZoNQOUUA5

While casually munching on his lunch in a side room, the tsunami reportedly created a devious plan to postpone NA. Silently staring down the camera, smirking, and throwing the phone that just happened to have the name of an entire region directly into a convenient placed trashcan.

The tsunami has now uncovered, which was completely caught on camera and then clipped, but did not drop NA into the trash. The phone slipped out of his hand, which could still show the NA teams slowly dropping down the Group Stage rankings, although it was evidently not intentional.

Despite this event, NA does have additional hope of improving. TSM will be getting SabeRLight- back after he missed the first two days due to a positive COVID test. EG still need some big wins if they want to prevent elimination, but at least one NA team will make it to the playoffs and have a chance to crack back at the memers.