Following a snag with RyaNoob and eUnited management, a HCS pro Spartan resigns himself

Following a snag with RyaNoob and eUnited management, a HCS pro Spartan resigns himself ...

Spartan has had a shaky week in the Halo Infinite competitive world. Following a dwindling start to the games second season, his colorful choice of words on social media for Halo developer 343 Industries netted him a $3250 fine for professional misconduct. Now, only a few days later, and with Split Two of the HCS Pro Series on the horizon, he has put himself on the eUniteds bench for the foreseeable future.

Because of his judgment, Spartan believes the team have been imploding since before HCS Anaheim, and now that he intends to pursue other options, he claims eUnited intends to hold him until the end of his contract. Despite the significant drop in pay, Spartan has decided to bench himself rather than continue to play for the roster.

Benching myself on eUnitedRead:

Given eUniteds'' impressive second-place finish at the first Halo Infinite Major in Raleigh last December, Spartan revealed that the members of the group were attempting to replace KingNick with the then free agent FormaL. This was supposedly being examined without any knowledge, but he was particularly betrayed by the fact that KingNick was seen on the team.

I remained humble. Without my knowledge and without my permission, I was humiliated. I basically told everyone involved that they were all unbelievable. Ever since then, the entire team has taken a hit. We have little to no trust in each other, our chemistry is downhill, our team play, and everything.

While eUnited''s placements in major tournaments are still impressive, often putting them above their weight in the eyes of many, Spartan notes how they are progressing in every tournament. Following their fourth-place finish at Kansas City last month, Spartan stated that hes received multiple teams and that one team he would like to pursue would even buy him out of his contract, but claims eUnited intends to hold him until the final outcome.

If I was solely attempting to ascend and leave the team because I wanted to leave, then it would be one thing, he says. Its not. I cannot continue to do so in dangerous situations. How do you expect me to perform with the team''s woes?

Spartan has decided to leave the rest of his eUnited contract on the bench following a long runtime. This would leave the star slayer for the league miss out on both the Orlando Major and the World Championship finals at the end of the year. I am sorry that this is what it has come to. Truly. I believed that peoples words and actions caused an implosion, according to him. My pay is significantly reduced to an unlivable wage. I will not be strong-armed into playing.

RyaNoob''s efforts on team changes behind closed doors more than likely reignites bad blood that he and Spartan had left at the door when they decided to team together in Halo Infinite. The underlying frustration was seen in Halo 5: Guardians. While much of the on-screen banter back and forth was played up for the drama, it was seen as a burying of the hatchet, and the teams'' conclusions showed how powerful their combined abilities might be when they were on the

Ryan, you are beyond intelligent and I have learned a lot from you. However, you must learn to stop shooting yourself in the foot and sabotaging teams, he said in the announcement. You have done this on countless teams you have been on and it worked out the same every single time. I do hope you have learned.

What eUnited intends to do now, removing one of its star players, is still unclear. The organization is yet to issue a statement or reply to Spartans concerns. However, the player making all of this behind-the-scenes drama on social media will likely have consequences, but Spartan may have seen it as a chance to lose the contract. It makes sense that they would want him to be kept after the success the roster has had. Spartans are also yet to comment.