The Best MTG New Capenna Limited Combat Tricks

The Best MTG New Capenna Limited Combat Tricks ...

As the new Capenna Limited Draft meta evolves, combat tricks have increased, putting players wondering when and when to choose the one.

Players were choosing two-color archetypes while splashing a third as the meta developed. The following years, combat techniques became more of a priority for archetypes like GW splash, UW splash, and RB splash, earning the highest win percentages. Lands are still a priority over combat tricks, but depending on your deck and your acquired mana fixing, choosing a trick over land is no longer frowned upon.

When it comes to drafting, here are five of the best New Capenna Limited Draft combat techniques.

Quick-Draw Dagger

The SNC set has a limited amount of equipment, and the majority of it is unplayable. However, Quick-Draw Dagger has its advantages. It allows players to use it as a combat trick. Upon entering the battlefield, it attaches to a creature and gives it First Strike, along with +1/+1 stats. If your creature dies, it will only cost one mana to reequip it, but it can only be reequipped at Sorcery speed.

For the Family

The Green is a commonly splashed color in the New Capenna Limited Draft. The Family''s best combat trick in the color Green is for Instant speed, and the target creature gets +2/+2 until the turn ends. If you have four or more creatures on the battlefield, the target creature gets +4/+4 instead until the end of the turn.

Fake Your Own Death

The color Black may either want cards in your graveyard via UB or go Aggro in conjunction with the color Red. A recent Capenna Limited draft has increased the target creatures'' stats by +2/+0. The objective is to make sure the creature trades with an enormous and deadly creature.

When your creature dies, it''s returned to the battlefield. And, as a bonus, you get a Treasure token to help flood the board with your aggressive creatures.

Boon of Safety

In a Limited edition, single-mana combat tactics are always rated higher than two-drop ones, and Boon of Safety is such a decent combat trick that it even saw gameplay in the Standard format. Shield Counters work great with aggressive builds (GW), while also serving as a defensive option for bombs in play. Not only does Boon of Safety permanently grant your target creature a Shield Counter, but it will also Scry one upon receiving the cast.

Majestic Metamorphis

Majestic Metamorphis is the most expensive good combat trick and the weakest on this list. The upside to the Blue Instant is that it can draw a card, which is worth paying one additional mana for under certain circumstances. It may also deal with UW Flying creatures, or strike in for lethal damage. If you need it, you''ll be happy to have it placed on your sideboard.


When playing, Antagonize can be pretty good or mediocre. However, making a cheap 1/1 token into an opponent''s powerful attacker feels really good, and so does casting the Red Instant on a creature with Trample. In an aggressive build, however, there is a huge gap between a one-drop combat trick and one that costs two mana. Consider wisely when putting Antagonize in the main deck.

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