Everything about Legends of Runeterra Path of Champions 2.0

Everything about Legends of Runeterra Path of Champions 2.0 ...

With the release of Patch 3.8, Riot Games will revamp the Legends of Runeterra Path of Championsmode, boosting the progression capability while introducing new champions, regions, and adventures.

The LoR Path of Championsmode will be released on May 25 via Patch 3.8. Two new regions are being added to the PvE: Noxus and Demacia. The new champion roster will include a total of 12 runners, including the four new champs who have dropped via the Worldwalker expansion on May 25. According to a Riot-based Path of Champions video, each champion will have its own unique powers and campaigns.

Who are the LoR path of champions, and how do I begin to unlock them?

In the LoR Path of Champions mode, players may unlock up to 12 players, with more players slated to be added in the future. Each champion has their own story via two chapters, with more chapters expected to be added later. All players will start with Jinx as their first champion.

Here''s the LoR Path of Champions roster.

  • Jinx
  • Lux
  • Yasuo
  • Garen
  • Darius
  • Lee Sin
  • Miss Fortune
  • Vi
  • Jhin
  • Three new Worldwalker champions that have yet to get revealed

Jinx has a completely unlocked deck, and more champions become available as players progress through chapter quests in each campaign. Lux and Yasuo are the next champions to get unlocked, followed by three random champions from various regions.

Players will collect Fragments by playing campaigns, finishing daily quests, and opening chests and vaults. These Fragments may either unlock new champions or progress for a specific champions Star level.

The challenge will be higher at a more moderate pace, according to the LoR team. Players will collect three different kinds of Power-Ups, bringing strategy variance and power boosts to their opponents.

How to power up in LoR Path of Champions?

The LoR team has added three ways to power up your champions: Champion levels, Star powers, and Legend levels. Relics are still available throughout campaigns. Common and Rare relics can be shared with each champion in your roster.

Champion levels are similar to the previous Path of Champions reputation, but the champion levels are rewarded with permanent rank-up rewards such as Relics. Players can earn Relics and other rank-up rewards bycompleting daily quests and through adventures to earn XP. Additional relic tiers are expected to be added later this year.

Star powers are unlocked via Fragments, providing a permanent power boost to each of your champions. Ranking a champion up to two stars unlocks that championsPath of Champions second chapter. Players will unlock a special relic upon completion of the second chapter. Only three Star power levels are available at this time, with the LoR team contemplating further.

Legend levels (legend points) are all account-wide, unlocking rewards that are earned by playing the chapters and campaigns. Perks include relic systems, extra rerolls, healing, shop upgrades, and more. Like the previous LoR Path of Champions system, players will no longer need to grind the same campaign over and over for these benefits, since they now represent a significant component of the overall development.

What is the LoR Path of Champions'' World Adventure?

Champion campaigns in Path of Champions focus on a single champion or protagonist in their story. Each adventure has different tiers of difficulty, and players will need to defeat at least one adventure from each tier before the next one unlocks.

The Legends of Runeterra Path of Champions 2.0 will be released on May 25. All players who fought in the previousPath of Champions will receive a reward package that is increased to the number of boss fights they completed prior to the progression reset.