Is the MSI 2022 High Noon Pass a good deal?

Is the MSI 2022 High Noon Pass a good deal? ...

League of Legends 2022 Mid-Season Invitational is in full flow. With the first international tournament of the year, Riot Games is also bringing a High Noon Event to the game, which includes cosmetics for Tahm Kench, Sion, Samira, Viktor, and Twitch, each of which cost 1350 RP.

Players will have active High Noon challenges in the game until the event closes in June. Each of these will provide 20 MSI 2022 High Noon tokens, which can be used to redeem rewards like chromas, orbs, emotes, and a Summoner icon from the shop. After completing ten of these challenges, they will also receive an Eternals capsule.

Additional challenges include: 25 Mythic Essences, MSI orbs, event-themed emotes, 3000 Blue Essences, 1250 Orange Essence, masterwork chests, and more, aside from the events free side.

The Bundle provides additional benefits, such as a Talon champion permanent, High Noon Talon, and a High Noon Border icon. Players who have additional High Noon quests can earn weekly rewards for playing League, and additional tokens that can be used to obtain skin chromas, emotes, and more in the shop.

If you like the cowboy themed High Noon cosmetics, investing in the High Noon Pass would not be a bad deal, given that it allows you to get chromas and additional rewards, along with additional cosmetics for Talon on the High Noon Pass Bundle.

If you''re not a fan of the thematic (or a Talon one-trick), the offer is not as great. Rewards like Blue and Orange Essences are permanent, so players may use them to get champions or skins they want through shards or the in-game store. Those advantages, however, players may spend the RP buying cosmetics for their opponents rather than leaving it on the chance of luck (RNG) through the orbs and chests.

Developers will directly add tokens from the Token Bank to their account for playing the game during the time in the event. Players may purchase the MSI 2022 High Noon pass until June 13, 2022, when the event ends. Players may redeem the rewards until June 20, 2022.