After discovering a forgotten Spider-Man villain named Joe Biden, Marvel fans lose it

After discovering a forgotten Spider-Man villain named Joe Biden, Marvel fans lose it ...

The ones who aren''t a fan of the current president will feel as if he was a secret supervillain all over the world. Today, the Marvel fandom is having a ball on Twitter after being reminded of the existence of a little-remembered comic book foe of Spider-Man, but it is his name that makes him famous. Joe Biden is also a character in the movie.

After a OPs tweet that shared a screenshot from the Marvel Database wiki, we have a Twitter user @ThatBManGuy to thank for bringing the Joe Biden of Earth-616 to our attention.

Im sorry why Joe Biden is a Spider-Man villain

When you discover that Marvels Biden has been in more problems than El Muerto, the guy who Bad Bunnys is playing in an upcoming Sony movie, it becomes even better.

El Muerto makes more comic book appearances than El Muerto too lmfao @SonyPictures, where the Joe Biden film is shown.

Oooh, political commentary.

He is a monster on this planet as well

It''s interesting to see that Biden''s predecessor, Donald Trump, is a Spider-Verse supervillain. This one was a really funny parody of Trump appearing in an issue of Spider-Gwen. Now people want a Biden/Spectrum vs. Trump/M.O.D.A.K. crossover.

When, Spectrum clashes with MODAAK.

The real question is why did Biden have to steal his villain name from Monica Rambeau (also known as Photon)?

Why is he identical to Monica Rambeau

A Sony executive is making several calls somewhere in L.A.

When is Joe Biden''s @SonyPictures film?

While Biden''s stint as president of the United States, Joe Biden appeared in three comics sessions, revealing that he was certainly named a nod to the politician. Unlikelyly, the real Biden has also featured in a series of Spider-Man encounters, including one in which Peter Parker patrols Italy to protect Obama and other world leaders from the Doctor Octopus. So is Spectrum the real Bidens evil twin or something? Oooh, more political commentary.