Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam costume shines from the merch

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam costume shines from the merch ...

Dwayne Johnson''s Black Adam costume has just surfaced online, owing to a coming merchandise drop of a Christmas ornament, of all things.

The film, which was originally scheduled to air on July 29, has been postponed until the fall, so it''s no wonder DC is already shipping goods to tie in with the film for the holiday season.

The film, which was then directed by The Rock, had been a passion project for the wrestler-turned-movie star, who sometimes goes by The Rock, with Johnson even directing the project via his seven Bucks Productions business.

The officially licensed merch was shared by @TaurooAldebaran on Twitter, and it has a full view of the anti-hero from the front and back, including his dark cape, which we haven''t seen before if the promotional material for the film has been approved yet.

In these official Christmas decorations, we get a new look at #BlackAdam''s suit. pic.twitter.com/AwQJaZi6Ba

The ornament can be purchased on the Hallmarks website beginning November 4. For the time being, there is a dedicated page for the item, which allows you to save it to your favorites or wishlist in the meantime.

According to the product description, Teth-Adam is a character who is known with the gods'' powerful powers, who ended up freeing his people from the shackles of oppression. After a 5,000-year sentence in a tomb for his actions, he is finally freed and poised to unleash his vengeance upon the modern world as Black Adam.

The plastic figurine measures four and a half inches tall, featuring the antihero striking a classic pose and the gold-dusted black cape.

On October 21, Black Adam gets thunderbolts to theaters.