In The Empire Strikes Back, How did R2-D2 Escape Dagobah?

In The Empire Strikes Back, How did R2-D2 Escape Dagobah? ...

After Luke and R2 crash landing, the little Astromechs life almost ended. As the lagoons name suggests, Dragonsnake Bog was home to one of the worst predators in all of Star Wars.

The original canon would suggest that R2 was attacked by the gigantic reptile, and then spit out once the predator realized their prey was not for eating. However, new evidence has been used to reintroduce a more fantastic (and not so frightening) approach to the legendary encounter.

In the newly released book, from a certain point of view: The Empire Strikes Back, forty internationally renowned artists and authors reimagine the events of arguably the finest Star Wars movie of all time. From a certain point of view, the history of that galaxy is rewritten far, far away unlike anything previously or since.

Katie Cook, a comic book player, focuses a heartfelt resentment on an otherwise bone-chilling moment. Instead of R2 being attacked by the beast, he is saved from the murky waters of Dagobah by a new underwater friend.

The Dragonsnake saves R2, an alternate version reveals a sleeping Dragonsnake until soon, R2-D2 flew onto the monster. Although the dragonsnake appears wacky at first, it quickly realises R2 might be in trouble, causing the beast to gingerly smash R2 and toss him safely ashore. In a heartfelt reunion, the pair say goodbye and go their own ways.

Cook began developing webcomics for the Clone Wars, and continues to focus on Star Wars content for kids of all ages, and what Star Wars fan does not feel like a kid once those opening credits arrive?

Spinning Star Wars conventions is a testament to how many things the genre can be truly taken, demonstrating that Star Wars doesn''t always have to be so serious to connect with fans. There are some components of that universe that need to be considered, and fantastic storytellers like Katie Cook are the perfect people for the job.