The author of Doctor Strange 2 teases a stale America Chavez project

The author of Doctor Strange 2 teases a stale America Chavez project ...

Michael Waldron, a writer of Doctor Strange in the Madness, has teased America Chavez''s future, bringing them back to the attention of fans.

Chavez''s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut came in the multiverse traversal blockbuster, with her abilities a crucial component to the plot. Her narrow escape with her life has set her future, which Waldron discussed with Variety among other spoiler-y topics.

Speaking on her character arc, he believes that her core was about family, and is looking for parental roles in the likes of Stephen Strange and Wong, which will lead to her next appearance. He also says that there is an important role for the good doctor in her life in the near future.

Yeah, thats my collaborating with Marvel and with Sam. Really, this film is as much about trying to drive Americas story as it is attempting to create a mystery to be solved in the future. She is someone without a family. Thats what she is looking for.

So here''s how she discovers unusually in our Doctor Strange and Wong. She finds a house inKamar-Tajat the end. When it''s all said and done, it looks kind of tidy. We also set up a thenextchapter in the America Chavez story.

Waldron believes that being the focus of her mission to help her with her finding her mothers will be the foundation of her story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Getting into the real personality of her with her parents came a little later in the process. It felt, at least initially, that maybe we should hold some of that back. It felt like the sort of thing you''d rather answer when you''re getting into Americas solo exploration. But as we continued to tell the story, we found that we wanted to know more about her. And, really, Strange would desire to know more about her. It was just honest to their relationship and conversations.

Xochitl Gomez is one of the most well-known actors in the Marvel Universe at the age of 16 and is likely to have a big future in the midst of this actual Marvel phase, which is currently leading up to a multiverse peak.

Doctor Strange 2 is currently being cinematography.