Legacies have been canceled by the CW, marking a comeback for The Vampire Diaries

Legacies have been canceled by the CW, marking a comeback for The Vampire Diaries ...

Legacies, a series of books from The Vampire Diaries, has been canceled, and fans are urging Damon Salvatore to force them to forget the terrible news.

Legacies won''t receive the approval for another season this afternoon, according to a Hollywood reporter. In October 2018, the Julie Plecs series was terminated following the cancellation of The Vampire Diaries'' first spin-off series,The Originals.

The Vampire Diaries started it all in September 2009, making news of Legacies cancellation even harder. It feels strange and untimely to close the doors on it. Mystic Falls will sorely miss it.

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Legaciesisnt the only drama that the CW is putting its plug on. The network has also canceledCharmed,Roswell New Mexico, Dynasty, Rookies, In The Dark, andThe 4400as reported byTHR.

Legacies'' synopsis was a multi-linear one following Hope Mikaelson''s passing. She grew up in the family of Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, and her twins Alaric Saltzman, along with a group of newcomers who would ultimately blossom.

My #legacies family expresses my utter self-doubt. the show that made my dreams come true

All of them were at The Salvatore School as they learned to balance who they wanted to become in a world that believed them all villains.

Legacies'' final bow comes with more than just the current running series; its goodbye to Mystic Falls, the town we all unofficially raised in, and the characters and stories we have ever loved for ten years. Its the end of an era as The Salvatore School rings its last bell.