Kevin Bacons convert therapy slasher-horror They/Them has a release date

Kevin Bacons convert therapy slasher-horror They/Them has a release date ...

The sequel to Blumhouse''s latest horror film, They/Them, has received a release date for its premiere on Peacock, and there''s still a long wait.

According to Variety, the slasher remake centered around a conversion therapy center will be available on Netflix on August 5th. Starring Kevin Bacon, the film that is being billed as an LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale.

Owen Whistler, the director of a Whistler Camp, which aims to transform LGBTQ+ teenagers into straight and cisgender, plays Bacon in the film.

The film focuses on the various campers, led by trans and nonbinary Jordan (Theo Germaine) as they undergo psychological torment from the camps programming. When an unidentified killer begins claiming victims, the children must fight each other, both from the killer and from the camp staff.

John Logan, who is known for his work on Gladiator and Skyfall, will make his directional debut. Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, Quei Tann, Austin Crute, Monique Kim, Anna Lore, Cooper Koch, and Darwin del Fabro are among the actors joining them.

Blumhouses They/Them.It is described as a slasher horror set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp. As the camps methods become more unsettling, the campers must protect themselves. When a mysterious killer begins claiming victims, things become even more dangerous.

Logan shared a statement about the film, stating that his objective was to develop a film that honors queerness.

I have grown up with horror movies as long as I remember seeing monsters represent the other, and as a gay kid I felt a sense of connection with those characters who were different, banned, or forbidden.

I wanted to create a film that reflects queerness, with characters that I never saw when I was young. I hope that when people walk away from the film, they will remember how incredible love these kids have for each other and how that love must be protected and celebrated.

In the upcoming film, you may see your first preview below.