Ammit's sinister design is revealed in eyecatching Moon Knight concept art

Ammit's sinister design is revealed in eyecatching Moon Knight concept art ...

The Crocodile God Ammit, one of the most important Moon Knight characters, is impressive, and although the final appearance of the character in the show was impressive, it might have been far more sinister.

Jerad Marantz, a concept artist who worked on the program, has outlined some early ideas for how Ammit might have looked, and they are significantly different from the standard we received.

Ammit features a much darker appearance, along with a muscular beast-like physique and no clothes. It''s not surprising that a lions mane is more in line with Egyptian mythology than it is in the video. When the goddess stands on all fours, things get even more creepy.

These photographs help us to see that at one time there were plans for Ammit to do flames down her back and tail. Marantz gave us a good insight into these concepts, indicating that they had come from a stage very early in the program development.

At this stage of development, it was relatively early, and myself and a host of others were just generating possibilities. It took a lot to come up with. It''s so much fun!

Another concept that was developed in the early concept phase, Marantz, embraced the opposite approach, giving the character enhanced human-like appearances. This look is closer to what was ultimately used in the show.

The last appearance for Ammit, which we saw in the show, was far less refractory than previously thought, but it fits well with other Marvel Studios characters and gods.

On their Artstation page, you can see these two concepts and other works from Marantz here. All six episodes of Moon Knight are available for viewing on Disney Plus.