The author of Moon Knight admits that pitching Kevin Feige was so wreaking

The author of Moon Knight admits that pitching Kevin Feige was so wreaking ...

Even as a decade ago, the entertainment industry is almost completely different from what it was. But one of the most important things about photographing a film and television content is still walking into a room and pitching your project to the people involved. As Jeremy Slater writes, it''s as horrifying as ever.

When the writer and filmmakers'' previous comic book experience saw him as the screenwriter on the Fantastic Four reboot, which is the one worst-reviewed Marvel adaptation of all time. He then redeemed himself by helping shape Netflix smash hit The Umbrella Academy, before Marc Spectors'' supernatural adventure garnered a whole new wave of admiration.

In an interview with ComicBook, Slater not-so-surprisingly revealed that pitching his take on Moon Knight to one of the most respected and influential actors in today was a daunting undertaking.

Oh, its terrifying. Because, look, not to get too sappy or anything, but Kevin Feige is one of my favorite producers. He is up there with Spielberg in the 1980s as one of the greatest producers to have ever lived.

On the opening night of [Avengers: Endgame], I am one of those Marvel fans who are screaming my head off. So, as a super fan, Kevin Feige walks into the room and youre sitting in a Marvel pitch room surrounded by like, Hey, theres one of the original Iron Man Mark IV helmets, and heres Thors hammer sitting in a glass case. The story of my childhood has enlivened humanity.

Feige might be seen as an affable presence, although it cannot be overlooked that he is also a near-omnipotent executive who is a member of the vast MCU system, so that Slaters'' trepidation was entirely justified.