Netflix is getting a terrible techno thriller

Netflix is getting a terrible techno thriller ...

Regardless of whether or not a technological thriller will become obsolete in no time, it''s best to at least hand it to Eagle Eye''s four well-known screenwriters, who conspired to produce one of the genres most ludicrous actions.

Shia LaBeouf and his producer D.J. Caruso, a regular dude, are to headline the $80 million film as Jerry Shaw mourns his identical twin brother''s death. Naturally, it turns out his deceased brother was involved in a top-secret government program, which flings him headfirst into immediate danger and sees threats closing in.

Michelle Monaghans Rachel gets bumped along the way, and the unlikely pair discover their every move being watched, dictated, and controlled by an unseen artificial intelligence that takes over each piece of technology in their immediate vicinity, forcing the fugitives to try and uncover the truth at any cost.

Eagle Eye was a big hit at the time, earning $178 million from theaters, but the 26 percent Rotten Tomatoes score was a direct result of critics retaliating the unfavorable plot development and nonsensical narrative, which ironically turned out to be one of the most popular selling points among viewers.

Eagle Eye is on Netflix''s most-watched list for 14 years after revealing a split opinion straight down the middle. As per FlixPatrol, the inherently absurd but enticing tale of rogue AI attempting to achieve global dominance has gained a spot on the global charts, and it even ranks as the fifth-top title in Canada for good measure.