On streaming, an outlandish fan favorite sci-fi saves the world

On streaming, an outlandish fan favorite sci-fi saves the world ...

Although The Fifth Element was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in the summer of 1997, the bonkers sci-fi depicting Luc Bessons remains one of the most strikingly unique blockbusters to have ever hit the big screen.

The film''s history is fundamentally chastised, compared to everything that unfolds in the book. Many industry analysts were predicting the worst when Bessons'' intriguing intergalactic journey was revealed to be the most expensive European production in history at $90 million, but words were quickly eaten.

The Fifth Element deserved not only the highest-grossing title at the global box office in 1997, but it was also the highest-earning French film ever for no less than 14 years until The Intouchables came along. Despite this, the fifth Element still received two Razzie nominations to its solitary Academy Award nomination, while a plagiarism lawsuit was launched seven years later.

The Fifth Element is unbelievably fun, although it is loud, brash, and sometimes very obnoxious (not to mention any Ruby Rhods in particular) though. Paramount Plus subscribers have the most recent converts to Bessons'' unhinged manner of thinking.

The star-studded extravaganza is currently the tenth most-watched title on the platforms charts in the United States, with old and new viewers evidently marking the first, fifth, or perhaps even the 50th time on-demand.