WandaVision fans are being chastised by the Doctor Strange 2 writer

WandaVision fans are being chastised by the Doctor Strange 2 writer ...

WandaVision, a graphic design company, successfully entered a powerful start, winning rave reviews, earning 23 Emmy nominations, and transforming Elizabeth Olsens Scarlet Witch from a bit-part player into one of the franchise''s most popular and important figures.

The reality-warping series was a hard-hitting reflection and rumination on life, death, loss, and sorrow, but some fans have been left furious after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness removed some of the emotional heavy lifting. The Scarlet Witch became a vengeful, murderous monster.

Screenwriter Michael Waldron understands why some people were left frustrated by the move, but he offered his own explanation on how Wandas'' journey was reinterpreted.

I believe that watching a character you love do bad things boosts me. That is what we had planned to do in the movies. We never had done it if Wanda had not experienced her suffering in the show, but I think she will not do it.

I think it''s a show about Wanda living in denial to some extent and she''s conquering her denial, but I don''t think she is correct with her anger over what she had endured, and that anger is what she carries with her as she walks away with the knowledge that she is the Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold, this evil book. I believe it''s that anger that the Darkhold preys upon and pushes her on what I believe to me, and she wishes her children.

It doesn''t mean the Wandas story was a big disappointment by any means, but it''s easy to see why some of the individuals who invested so much in WandaVision found her arc to be lacking in the Doctor Strange sequel.