The Illuminati is compared to MacGruber by the writer of Doctor Strange 2

The Illuminati is compared to MacGruber by the writer of Doctor Strange 2 ...

While removing his teeth as a staff writer on Rick and Morty before embarking on the Multiverse of Madness expansion in Marvel Cinematic Universes, there are a few additional evidence to prove that Michael Waldron is a fan of the weird, wild, wonderful and bizarre.

The solo sequel to Benedict Cumberbatch has been set on fire throughout the globe, but fans have been praising the wackiest, most goriest, and most gruesome event to date, including one that also surpassed the benefits of fan service by introducing the Illuminati.

Given that the group is established as the Multiversal Supervisors for the University of Minnesota, youd have thought that Waldrons'' beliefs would be equally outrageous. Instead, he named Will Fortes MacGruber as an inspiration during an interview with The Playlist.

It was not a meta thing, but it was not me engaging in the way MacGruber does it when he introduced Chris Jericho or whoever it is, and they blow them up in the car. It was more designed to show you how terrifying Wanda actually is. Like in Aliens when its, Here come the space marines! and Were safe! and then they get massacred right at the top of the second act and now you know youre f*cked. Hopefully, it''s the pleasure

The first responders to a raft of heavyhitters before immediately sacrificing them to a dangerous Scarlet Witch were surprisingly mixed, but this is exactly the kind of errant rug-pull we love to see from the MCU to help keep the uncertainty going.