Misha Collins is ecstatic about the Gotham Knights' choice in a series

Misha Collins is ecstatic about the Gotham Knights' choice in a series ...

The Gotham Knights of the United States is getting picked up for a series order, and Misha Collins is more keen about it.

Collins, who is set to play Harvey Dent in the series, responded to the official news in a tweet, claiming that the official announcement confirms that he is actually going to appear in the show. He also posted a photo portraying himself as the DC character on the show.

The CW has just canceled a slew of its programming, including Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Naomi, and The 4400, but unfortunately Gotham Knights was left out of the reckoning.

It''s official that I''ll be playing Harvey Dent for some time in a row. #GothamKnights pic.twitter.com/gg9NTG8hMS

After the Bruce Waynes murder, Gotham Knights will follow his violent adopter as he forms an alliance with the children of Batman''s opponents who are framed for the murder. However, they will have to work together to prove their innocence, but Gotham Citys failed without the Dark Knight anywhere to protect it.

Although Collins Harvey Dent''s assumptions are contradicting, he has shown that he will actually transform into the villain, and that he has identified the cast as a top-shelf, confirming that his time on the new show has been a positive experience.

With this story following the descendants of Gothams rogues, it is possible Harvey could even have a kid of his own. For the time being, fans of Collins will soon have the chance of seeing their favorite actor again on their television screens.