Following a tense Astroworld encounter, a woman is filing a lawsuit against Travis Scott for wrongful death

Following a tense Astroworld encounter, a woman is filing a lawsuit against Travis Scott for wrongfu ...

Travis Scott and promoter Live Nation are being sued by an Ohioan woman, alleging that she was lost in the crush at the Astroworld concert in November 2021.

Scott was the highlight of the event, with 50,000 people officially attending and many more who jumped the fence. Soon after the set started, a deadly crush erupted in the crowd. Eight people died at the scene, with one additional two attendees in the hospital dying shortly after. There were also 25 more individuals in the hospital at the time.

Shanazia Williamson claims she suffered a miscarriage during the event, claiming that the wrongful death lawsuit is wrongful-dead.

Shanazia was tampered and beaten during the screening, resulting in horrific injuries, including the death of her and Jarawds unborn child. Aside from such injuries, Shanazia was also hurting her shoulder, back, leg, chest, stomach, and other parts of her body.

The lawsuit claims that Live Nation provided inadequate security and didn''t take action to prevent the crowd from going forward, nor did it provide appropriate medical personnel, and that it did not identify many potential safety hazards.

Shanazias'' injuries and her death were caused by her and Jarawds'' unborn child''s failure to plan, design, manage, operate, and maintain the event.

Scott himself has received severe criticism for failing to stay ahead of his performance. He claims that he didn''t realize audience members were in trouble during his performance, which is problematic given that footage shows him seeing an ambulance passing through the audience and declaring there is an ambulance.

This is just one of the hundreds of lawsuits facing Scott and Live Nation, and you may also expect to hear more about the tragic consequences of the Astroworld debacle for some time to come.

On Vimeo, a documentary about the incident,Concert Crush: The Travis Scott Festival Tragedy, which includes interviews with several individuals who survived the crowd surge.