Fans may talk about the finest 90-minute movies on the floor

Fans may talk about the finest 90-minute movies on the floor ...

As prompted by a post fromTaste of Cinema, Twitter users are talking about the best short movies they have ever seen.

What is the best film you''ve ever seen that is under 90 minutes?

ToC has set a minimum of 90 minutes per movie, which includes quite a few films, but includes many additional highlights.

Ingmar Bergman''s 1963 drama Winter Light (81 minutes) was described by user @gladlyPessimist, lauding its writing, acting, and cinematography, while @selman_turel mentioned Alfred Hitchcock''s iconic thriller Rope (80 minutes).

Producers (1967)La Haine (1995)Shiva Baby (2020)Sexy Beast (2000)

@Pooks_71 chose Perfect Blue (81 minutes), Ida (82 minutes), Its Such a Beautiful Day (62 minutes), and Videodrome (89 minutes) as a result of the follow-up. Kurosawas Rashomon (88 minutes) and Bergmans Persona (84 minutes).

Dir. Jonah HillTwo Distant Strangers (2020)Guava Island (2019)

The Taste of Cinema''s own list of great films that are under 90 minutes has been published in 2015. Among them are films that were already mentioned, such as Rashomon, Persona, Rope, House, Videodrome, and Ida, as well as lesser-known gems like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (74 minutes), The Lady from Shanghai (88 minutes), The Color of Pomegranates (78 minutes), and The Only Son (82 minutes), and better-known nuggets like Office Space

What''s your favorite sub-90 minute film? Here''s how to get your hat into the ring.