Will Spider-Man 4 sell MJ for Felicia Hardy or Gwen Stacy?

Will Spider-Man 4 sell MJ for Felicia Hardy or Gwen Stacy? ...

Spider-Man: No Way Home to Follow: A Warning

In the conclusion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Hollands Spider-Man has come to a new life, and it will likely take longer before we catch him again.

Peter Parker, who was wiped from his childhood, is now living a more isolated life, free from baddies targeting his family, but now having to deal with his surroundings. In a comment in r/FanTheories, the comedian said that Marvel Studios may enliven Parker''s loneliness by introducing Gwen Stacy in the next film, and others were swift to offer their perspectives on the next Spider-Man love interest.

Gwen Stacy wouldn''t be too farfetched, with one fan implying that a college-aged Parker might meet Stacy, hear her name, and then quick flashback to Peter-Two (Andrew Garfield)''s story about how someone named Gwen Stacy was his MJ when he first appeared in No Way Home.

Fans also highlighted the possibility of introducing Felicia Hardy, the secret identity of Spider-foe-turned-friend Black Cat, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One user explained the fascinatingness that the two men might share; because Hardy is already in the vigilante scene, Parker isnt putting her in any danger just by proxy of being Spider-Man, which he would never have faced with MJ.

The storytelling possibilities with Peter Parker are about as limited as it gets, and well, you have to wait and see which romantic subplot gets ushered in when the time comes. Spider-Man''s clean slate and the multiverse are expected to be cracked open before long.