A Guardians of the Galaxy cameo we all missed was outlined by James Gunn

A Guardians of the Galaxy cameo we all missed was outlined by James Gunn ...

Even before Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU had a rich history of cameo appearances. Before his passing, publisher and creative officer emeritus Stan Lee would appear in every new film, for example. But James Gunn took to Twitter to highlight a guest appearance that most of us were blinked and missed.

Gunn, the Alien Life Form from the planet Melmac back in the late 80s, is known to be regular followers of the directors Twitter feed. Yes, ALF, the puppet, who made his own sitcom back, but is not sure who wrote them, but he has a blue checkmark next to his name, so we must assume it is the legit ALF.

@bringbackalf has shared a post.

The interactions between them are common enough that some have speculated and even written about a potential collision with the cherished cat-devouring ALF aka Gordon Shumway making a guest appearance in the next installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

When ALF was linked to a recent article positing that the appearance was fake, Gunn revealed that ALF had always been there.

Little do they know that, as many of my closest friends, youve already appeared in Guardians, @ALFforreal. https://t.co/btZjDUAlZd pic.twitter.com/s1TN5WlCMx

Gunn posted a picture of Peter Quills'' iconic tape deck from the Milano, showing that it was literally sealed with ALF stickers featuring Mr. Shumway in his sitcom prime. Given that Quill was abducted by the Ravagers while a kid in the 80s, it does look like he would be a fan of the show.

But this all might be a bad thing. Gunn completed filming of GOTG Vol. 3 earlier this month, and who knows? Perhaps ALF will feature in a new menagerie, which was once established by the collector or another alien elder god, a la Howard the Ducks appearance in Volume 1. With Gunn, one can never be certain.

The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy will be released in theaters on May 5, 2023.