James Hong has no clue what Everything From Everywhere is actually about

James Hong has no clue what Everything From Everywhere is actually about ...

If you were out of the game watching Everything Everywhere all at once with more questions than answers, you are not alone. Even James Hong, who plays Gong Gong, the grandpa character in the film, told Jimmy Kimmel that he still [doesnt] know what the film is about.

When Hong joked about having no idea what Everything Everywhere was actually about, the talk show host asked the actor what his intention was to get the film an Oscar nomination.

Later on, some of you may tell me, he continued to gather amused laughter from the audience and Kimmel himself. But the actor quickly became serious, raving about the director duo''s work in the film.

You know, it''s just a conglomeration of the two guys, the two Daniel boys, the directors, you know. Somehow they created this artistic film of all their memories and nightmares, really. You know? Because it just jumps from one thing, but in the end, somehow, it makes sense. It''s got a good moral to it.

Kimmel promptly intervened in order to prevent the 93-year-old actor from spoiling the film''s ending, according to which he wittily replied, "Well, the ending is." Hongs'' remarkable comedic timing was cheered on by the crowd in the studio as he proposed revealing the ending in Chinese, so Kimmel would not comprehend.

James Hong was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to honor him in the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as reflect on a remarkable historic career, to which the greatest major milestone Everything Everywhere is only the most recent addition.