The Doctor Strange 2 EP praised the years of other multiversal sensations

The Doctor Strange 2 EP praised the years of other multiversal sensations ...

Although both films overlap with a multiverse concept, Jamie Lee Curtis has had a lot of fun developing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But today, executive producer Scott Derrickson has returned fire with a bit more love, tweeting high praise for the Michelle Yeoh drama.

This year, I will not see a better film than EVERYTHING ONCE. Absolute Masterpiece. @A24

Derrickson, who directed and directed the Doctor Strange, claims that the A24 film will be the best film he will see all year. The films are backed by a 96 percent acceptance rating from critics alongside a 91 percent audience score, according to the New York Times. It''s a swirl of genre anarchy, fitting for a multiverse film.

Multiverse of Madness has a 75 percent approval rating from critics, while its audience rating is 87 percent.

Derrickson was set to lead the directors seat for Marvels latest film as well, but ended up dropping out when creative issues erupted and later decided to play The Black Phone, directed by Ethan Hawke.

Sam Raimi, who is no stranger to comic book adaptations or horror concepts that would ultimately be included in the film, would continue to be replaced, but several users reported to Twitter to show how the Derricksons directorial touch was sorely missed in Multiverse of Madness.

Scott, I know you won''t talk about MoM, but I''d have loved to see your version. I feel like I was offered an entirely different film and I''m not sure whether or not it was because of your story.

Because I felt DS&MoM lacked your storytelling power. I know you will not say anything, Scott, but that movie hampered you in the worst manner. I love Sam, but I know you were lucky enough to miss you at the theater. There''s always The Black Phone!

The playstation Doctor Strange in Madness is currently being played in theaters throughout the world.