Deadpool writers need Chris Evans to get a Gray Man prequel

Deadpool writers need Chris Evans to get a Gray Man prequel ...

Just as you thought the prologue of Kenneth Branaghs'' mysterious sequel Death on the Nile would be the only film to give an origin story to a mustache, the latest issue of Empire Magazine has revealed that Joe and Anthony Russos The Gray Man will follow suit.

The directors of The Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame have barely been shy in clarifying their ambitious plans for a broad espionage-driven cinematic universe built out of the $200 million Netflix blockbuster in July, which would be their second major franchise on the platform after Chris Hemsworths Extraction.

Ryan Gosling may take the lead in The Gray Man as Court Gentry, but Chris Evans Lloyd Hansen will be the first to get a solo spinoff. Empire is looking to the future for a few insights on the worldtrotting action story.

Deadpool''s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are in the midst of developing a spinoff for Evans'' bad guy and his stunning facial furniture.

While it might sound like sibling filmmakers and producers are getting ahead of themselves by developing two additional features before the first has been released, there''s really no other outcome besides The Gray Man crashing a hole in Netflix''s viewership charts based on the high concept concept, the gargantuan budget, and a slew of star power on either side of the camera.