After wrapping Guardians Vol. 3, James Gunn reveals some of the amazing gifts he received

After wrapping Guardians Vol. 3, James Gunn reveals some of the amazing gifts he received ...

James Gunn is revealing some of the wonderful gifts he received for wrapping the production of Marvel''s next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, including new behind-the-scenes photos from his DC show, The Suicide Squad.

Jess Miglio, a still photographer in Guardians of the Galaxy, explained that Gunn''s photo album was purchased by him by the Marvel crew.

1) An amazing book of unseen stills from Jess Miglio, our still photographer (who, like most of the crew, was also on #TheSuicideSquad)

Gunn also received a lovely button from the set dog River, who sat on Gunns lap every day when he was filming. Producer Simon Hatt also gifted Gunn a stunning handmade knife. Chris Pratt, the director of Grip, gifted Gunn a cool wooden tray, and a costume designer gave him a Guardians whisky glass.

6) and 7) Two books from Henry Braham''s cinematographer, including a photo book by Gordon Parks, one of our first references for Vol 3. 8) Portrait of a handsome devil by @Seattlesbeauty

Gunn made a note in a short cut of his reference; he said he received a t-shirt from his all-time favorite childhood cereal Freakies, as well as a custom t-shirt from the grip department.

Gunn added that he received even more gift certificates on the back of the deal, but didnt want to reveal them on Twitter just yet because to include spoilers for the film or that he has already been packed away in anticipation of a forthcoming move.

I have a lot more that I cant show you because it would be spoilers or that I have packed up for my trip. Thank you to all the crew for their gifts but especially for their dedication and dedication on #GotGVol3, each one of them is present in the final film.

The crew, however, for their gifts and especially their work and dedication on #GotGVol3, are among the highlights, according to Gunn.

The film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released in theaters on May 5, 2023.