What is TikToks Kool-Aid Man Challenge?

What is TikToks Kool-Aid Man Challenge? ...

A not-so-new TikTok threat is resurrecting on the social media platform.

The Kool-Aid Man never goes out of style. Just ask any one of the nine juveniles facing charges for criminal mischief. Even if the famous red mascot has existed since the 1950s, it was only until the late 70s that he started plowing through walls and shouting. Oh yeah!

The trademark move complements most commercials of the thirst-quenching beverage. However, with the advent of social media and the overwhelming desire to become the next viral hit, users on TikTok have begun following in the big red mascots footsteps.

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It''s not the most productive challenge to get onto social media. In fact, it''s not even the most purposeful when it comes to challenges such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that increased awareness of the disease. By contrast, the Kool-Aid Man Challenge involves TikTok users running through a wall usually drywall, but not always and shouting Oh yeah!

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The challenge has been established since 2021, but its popularity has remained constant, and it has now made the news. Several homes in West Omaha, Nebraska, have been vandalized by Kool-Aid Man Challenge competitors, who attempted to climb the ante by running through neighborhood fences. The act is no joke, and due to its viral appeal on TikTok, the acts of vandalism have now caught the attention of law enforcement officials.

Several states, including New York in 2021, saw these incidents, including one that included third-degree criminal mischief and a Class E felony.

The West Omaha, Neb. incident is one of eight properties destroyed by these Kool-Aid Man copycats. According to the Sheriff''s Office, Theres about eight of them and they patrol the perimeter. It''s the Kool-Aid Man challenge.

The nine suspects have been accused of attempting to be the Kool-Aid Man, without denying that it was not as cool as they had imagined.