According to Machine Gun Kelly, his next film is inspired by Megan Fox as a result of The Da Vinci Code

According to Machine Gun Kelly, his next film is inspired by Megan Fox as a result of The Da Vinci C ...

Machine Gun Kelly has just made his directorial debut with the stoner comedy film Good Mourning. When Kelly received a cryptic text from his now girlfriend Megan Fox before she left for a trip, the message sparked Kelly to become irrelevant. He talked to Marc Malkin from Variety about this horrifying experience.

So I was stumbling outside trying to decode this text. And it was like the Da Vinci Code. I went to all these places, like what does this mean? What does this mean? And everyone I was getting relationship advice from was not in a relationship. So it just led me down a long, dark, terrible road.

By the time Fox returned to town, he wrote a 150-page script.

I was like, I need to sit down. I need to read this to you before reading the whole thing. She was like, This is what she had in your head? Nothing is wrong. It is really funny how things works out. We always get in our own heads. We get in our own way.

According to Variety, the film revolves around film star London Ransom, who''s world is upside down as he receives a breakup letter from his life on the day of his most important meeting. Sounds familiar? Kelly went on to discuss how his character in Good Mourning compared to him in real life.

A huge part of that character that youre watching in the film is me in real life. Like I am a young, lost, sweet kid at heart, and I feel like the world just makes me a bit harder and feel like I must protect myself.

Kelly collaborated with Mod Sun, who also directed and star in the film. Fox also stars as Becky G, Whitney Cummings, Dove Cameron, GaTa, Zach Villa, Jenna Boyd, and Pete Davidson as well.

Kelly was enthused to feature Fox in his film to highlight his favourite themes about her.

I love that she got to be what my favorite things about her is how funny she is and how polite she is.

On Video On Demand, Good Mourning will be released on May 20th, as well as a limited theatrical release.