How to enjoy all of the G.I. Joe films in order

How to enjoy all of the G.I. Joe films in order ...

The G.I. Joe franchise is still pumping out new entries as one of the cinema''s most anticipated hits.

The lukewarm franchise has been distributing new films on an inconsistent schedule for several years, but it appears G.I. Joe may be back on the market, with several films and a possibility crossover.

The inconsistent release schedule combined with the intention to reboot and focus on prequels, leaves many viewers confused about the order in which the films are best enjoyed. While some franchises require a mix-up to accurately understand their timelines, the G.I. Joe franchise is a bit more complicated.

The G.I. Joe films are limited to a few methods, but the most straightforward and best is determined by the release date. While Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is technically a prequel of sorts, providing the background for a character who appeared in three out of four live-action G.I. Joe films, it is still best enjoyed after the first two franchise films.

Any viewing of the live-action G.I. Joe films should start at the beginning, with the 2009 Rise of Cobra. Don''t expect much of the film was nearly crushed by critics, earning it a measly 32 on Metacritic, but these action films are also great for those who follow up with good expectations.

Personally, this film is a home run for me. Don''t get me wrong, it is atrocious, but it mixes over-the-top action with bad acting and a punching narrative in just the right ways. This film is generally considered the worst of the franchise so far somehow, but it does not prohibit it from being completely watchable garbage.

Retaliation, the only other G.I. Joe entry featuring the same general cast, fell to a largely uninterested audience in 2013 despite in large part the addition of action heavy-hitters Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, although it still fails to qualify as as watchable.

Though a slightly more impressive 41 on Metacritic, critics largely see little difference between Retaliation and the plastic figurines that inspired the franchise. This evaluation is completely on-point. This film isn''t quite as enjoyable as it can be, for sure as you have a drink in your hand before you enter.

In 2021, a somewhat divisive and entirely unneeded return to the franchise ended with a large obstacle to its viewer base. Despite this being a weirdly misplaced film, people still went to the box office, but that didn''t prevent it from breaking it down.

Snake Eyes is thus far the most popular G.I. Joe film on Metacritic, with a score of 43. Channing Tatum didnt return for the third G.I. Joe movie nor did Willis Johnson, or first film favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but the movie did introduce Crazy Rich Asians Henry Golding in the titular role, so that is something, at least.

The upcoming fourth release of the G.I. Joe franchise hasn''t received a release date, but G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant is set to air on theaters as will a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover, according to sources, but few details are yet underway.