This Doctor Strange 2 fan poster with an 80s horror twist is great to MCU fans

This Doctor Strange 2 fan poster with an 80s horror twist is great to MCU fans ...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might not have included as many cameos as people expected, but it certainly didn''t disappoint in its horror content. Director Sam Raimi impressed by how well he could possibly portray his Evil Dead potential, tallying much more into his Spider-Man films.

That''s why this retro 80s-style horror-themed poster for Doctor Strange 2 is such a fun addition to the movie. K_Kupertino, a Reddit user, shared their fantastic work on the Marvel Studios subreddit. They included Dr. Strange in their caption, so I created a retro poster for it!

As you can see below, a poster depicts Zombie Strange being surrounded by ghouls as Scarlet Witchs'' giant handreaches down from the sky. Any Army of Darkness fan will instantly recognize that the composition is inspired by the poster for the cult favorite third Evil Dead flick.

This poster has no success, with replies made by people who wish it would be official.

This poster, which we see as many people think of Doctor Strange 2 as a backdoor Evil Dead 4, has been released.

As Marvel disguised its horror elements in the marketing, there has been a lot of controversy. However, a poster like this would have made clear what genre of film it was from the start.

It''s only one word to describe it.

Which better day is there than today to mark the MCUs'' spookiest film?

The good news for those who want to see real new Evil Dead content is that Evil Dead Rise, a new part of the franchise, will be released later this year. Raimi is on board as producer, although Bruce Campbell will not be back as Ash. But at least he had a big comeo in Doctor Strange 2.